Baumatic Tumble Dryer Repair

For quick and affordable Baumatic tumble dryer repairs, look to Appliance Mend.

The trained team know how to diagnose a variety of common appliance problems, and repair them effectively.

The engineers work quickly, frequently finishing repairs within the first visit. There are no repeat call-out fees.

For extra reassurance, we will provide a complete warranty as standard, which covers the issue repaired.

Why not get in contact for a free estimate for Baumatic dryer repairs? Complete the form below, or call the number at the top of the page.

Baumatic Tumble Dryer Repair
Baumatic Tumble Dryer Repair Quote

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Baumatic Tumble Dryer Repairs

Here at Appliance Mend we know how important your dryer is to you, and that's why our Baumatic tumble dryer repairs are performed with care for your appliance.

You may depend on this appliance frequently, especially in a busy household. It can make everyday life much simpler, and assist you with housework greatly.

So it can bepretty inconvenient when your tumble dryer stops functioning properly. But don't despair, Appliance Mend is here to help!

The Baumatic dryer repair service is quick, with most repairs being completed within just one onsite visit from our engineers, so you can get back to using your appliance in no time.

Baumatic Dryer Repairs

Appliance Mend offer Baumatic tumble dryer repairs for a large number of problems, from loose dials to overheating. We can replace any defective components, for example:

• Thermostat
• Motor
• Jockey wheels
• Drum belt
• Door switch
• Safety fuse

These are just a selection of the components that our professionals can conduct precise replacements of. Our Baumatic dryer repair service covers models new and old, so you can be confident that we can help you.

Not Working

Not Working

This annoying issue can be caused by multiple different components, so it can be complex to repair.

The Baumatic tumble dryer repairs can accurately diagnose the cause of your dryer not working, and perform effective repairs.

Takes Too Long

Takes Too Long

If your dryer takes too long, it is not running effectively and could waste a lot of energy. There are several parts that may need Baumatic replacement or repairs.

Let Appliance Mend help to make your appliance more effective, so that it works as good as new once more.

Baumatic Tumble Dryer Overheating

Baumatic Tumble Dryer Overheats

Overheating is a dangerous problem and should be addressed as soon as possible with Baumatic dryer repairs.

The most likely culprit is a defective thermostat, which monitors the temperature of your tumble dryer. The heating elements should also be checked.

Damaging Clothes

Burning Clothes

Obviously if your dryer is damaging your clothes, it is a very concerning issue that can cause a lot of frustration and should be addressed right away.

Our team use cutting edge techniques and top quality tools and components for durable repairs.

Do you sell or buy replacement components?

We do not sell components, since we do not wish to encourage dangerous DIY appliance repairs. Always go to trained professionals.

Our engineers have ready access to high quality components, so we do not buy components that we cannot guarantee are manufacturer standard.

Can you repair newer Baumatic dryers?

Yes, we provide Baumatic tumble dryer repairs for new or old models, subject to availability of parts.

The dial has come off of my dryer, can you help?

We can! Appliance Mend can replace the dial using high grade tools and components.

They will be tested to ensure they work, for added reassurance.

Will I receive a warranty?

A full warranty is provided with every Baumatic dryer repair.

Baumatic Tumble Dryer Repair Services

For a swift quote for Baumatic dryer repairs, just complete the online form on this page. Include a short description of the issue with your appliance, your contact information, and the model of Baumatic you have. You'll soon get a reply via phone or email.

You can also talk to our helpful customer care department during business hours by phoning the number at the top of this page. They'll be happy to help you organise your Baumatic dryer repair as well as answer any queries you might have.

 Baumatic Tumble Dryer Repair Services
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