Candy Washing Machine Repair

Looking for high grade Candy washing machine repairs? We can help you!

Here at Appliance Mend we are dedicated to providing a dependable Candy washer dryer repair service that is quick and affordable.

From start to finish you'll receive a brilliant service from our customer service team and the engineers.

Whether you need a door replaced, or your machine won't drain, we'll get it to nearly new condition once more.

If you get in contact today, you'll receive a free quote for Candy washing machine repairs.

Candy Washing Machine Repair
Candy Washing Machine Repair Quote

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Candy Washing Machine Repairs

The technicians we work with are experienced in conducting Candy washing machine repairs. They can accurately replace defective components, such as:

• Drum belt
• Dial
• Water inlet valve
• Filter screens
• Lid switch
• Door
• Thermostat

All replacements are conducted using top quality components and equipment to ensure they are long lasting. These replacements components are covered by our Candy washing machine repair warranty.

Candy Washer Dryer Repair

They offer Candy washing machine repairs that are fast and stress-free, so you can get on with your life with minimal disruption.

Washing machines are an essential domestic appliance. You may use your washing machine on an everyday basis, especially if you live in a packed household.

So it can be very inconvenient when it stops working normally. It can mean that you can't do the laundry, which will have an effect on your everyday schedule.

We know this, so provide quick repairs that can be finished within one onsite visit from the engineers.

The Candy washing machine repair service is truly convenient, and will get your appliance working like new again in next to no time at all.

Won't Start

Won't Start

If your machine won't start and there is no power, the mains filter may be faulty, or there could be a more complex failure with the main power switch.

Using modern methods, the Candy washing machine repair team can get your appliance to start normally again.

Not Draining

Not Draining

Often, the most obvious cause for this problem is an obstruction that is preventing water from draining through the waste outlet hose or drain pump.

It is always suggested that you seek professional help with appliance issues, since this is the safest option for repairs.

Drum Not Rotating

Drum Not Spinning

The drum belt may be worn or damaged, and require replacing. other potential causes include a faulty speed control PCB.

The knowledgeable team can carefully inspect your appliance to identify the cause of the drum not rotating, before beginning repairs.

Damaged Door

Broken Door

If the door is damaged on your washing machine, then it can prevent you from using it safely. You'll need repairs as quickly as possible to use the appliance once more.

In all Candy washing machine repairs are conducted using top quality tools and parts, so your door replacement will be long lasting.

I have purchased the part already for a Candy washing machine repair, can you fit it for me?

The team does not provide this service, since they cannot guarantee the quality of the component, and cannot provide a warranty.

Will I receive a warranty?

All Candy washing machine repairs include a complete warranty as standard, covering labour and parts, as well as the original issue repaired.

If your machine is still under manufacturers warranty, we suggest returning to the original supplier for repairs.

How much do Candy washing machine repairs cost?

This will depend on the issue being repaired, as well as the model of the machine you have. However in most of cases, a Candy washing machine repair is much more economical than purchasing a replacement machine.

How long do Candy washing machine repairs take?

Most often, repairs can be completed within one onsite visit from our engineers.

If longer is required, there are no repeat call-out charges for extra peace of mind.

No-obligation Estimate for Candy Washing Machine Repairs

If you want a no-obligation estimate for Candy washing machine repairs, get in contact today. Give our friendly customer care department a ring on the number shown at the top of the page during weekday business hours.Alternatively, complete the online form above for a quick reply via phone or email. Be sure to include your contact details, the model of your Candy, and the washing machine repair service you need.

Free Estimate for Candy Washing Machine Repairs
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