Tumble Dryer Repair

Get a tumble dryer repair from the network of engineers, technicians and appliance repairers is economical.

Tumble dryer repair for condenser and vented models from the major manufacturers, using compatible spare parts and repair methods.

The team aim to provide a hassle-free tumble dryer repair via call outs to your domestic property.

The professionals can diagnose and perform a tumble dryer repair for a large range of different faults with your appliance.

You'll receive a warranty covering the service for added value for money.

So why look anywhere else? For a fast tumble dryer repair covering all the main brands, Appliance Mend has the answer.

Tumble Dryer Repair
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Tumble Dryer Repairs

When you require tumble dryer repairs, you'll want them to be efficient so you can use your domestic appliance again as quickly as possible.

The team aim to complete all tumble dryer repairs as quickly as possible. You may depend on your tumble dryer to save space, minimising the need to hang clothes up to dry. Or it may be helpful for getting clothes ready to wear in a hurry.

If you have a hectic schedule, or live in a packed home, the tumble dryer can make everyday life so much easier, and make doing housework a much faster process.

With so many benefits, when your appliance stops working it can be a huge inconvenience that you'll wan't fixed fast.

Luckily, the stress-free and cost-effective tumble dryer repairs can get your appliance working again within one visit from the engineers.

Dryer Repair

Whatever the dryer repair that you require, Appliance Mend can help. The professionals provide repairs for a vast range of problems for the most popular appliance brands, such as:

• Beko
• Hoover
• Indesit
• Neff
• Siemens
• Zanussi

Whether the model of appliance you own is new or old, the professionals will get it working perfectly in next to no time with a dryer repair.

With nationwide coverage, the engineers and domestic appliance repairers can offer assistance with onsite repairs. From broken doors to overheating, they have the dryer repair that you require.

Tumble Dryer Stops Rotating Mid Cycle

Tumble Dryer Stops Turning Mid Cycle

When your machine stops spinning mid cycle, the drum roller axle or drum roller could be worn or broken, and will need fast attention. Tumble dryer repairs use only appropriate tools and parts for desirable results.

Tumble Dryer Doesn't Heat

Tumble Dryer No Heat

This heat problem can often be caused by a faulty thermostat, although it could also be because of the safety fuse. Using modern techniques, the professional technicians, engineers and appliance repairers can effectively resolve this problem with a tumble dryer service.

Tumble Dryer Is Too Slow

Tumble Dryer Is Too Slow

It is worth checking for proper air flow first when your dryer takes too long. The blower wheel may also be damaged, or the gas valve solenoid might have failed. The team are able to perform a tumble dryer repair for a number of problems relating to temperature, so they can get your appliance in working condition again.

Tumble Dryer Doesn't Stop

Tumble Dryer Doesn't Stop

Again, this problem could be related to air flow, or the blower wheel isn't spinning properly. Other parts which may to blame include a faulty heating element or a blocked lint filter. At the beginning of tumble dryer repairs, the team will inspect the issue before carrying out a tumble dryer repair.

When can a tumble dryer repair be arranged?

Onsite tumble dryer repairs can be booked in most days of the week and at timeslots to fit around your busy schedule.

How long do tumble dryer repairs take?

In the majority of cases, a tumble dryer repair can be finished within just one onsite visit from the helpful team, subject to availability of parts.

Are tumble dryer repairs covered by a warranty?

Yes, tumble dryer repairs for vented and condenser models will include a warranty for your peace of mind that the work has been carried out to a quality standard.

Can any tumble dryer be repaired?

Whilst the domestic technicians, engineers and repairers strive to repair any built-in and freestanding appliance, sometimes a tumble dryer repair might not be possible if replacement parts can't be obtained due to the model of the appliance in question.

Arrange Your Tumble Dryer Repair

To organise your tumble dryer repair, just give the helpful customer care department a ring on the number shown at the top of the page. During business hours on weekdays, the team are on hand to discuss your enquiry and answer any questions you may have.

Or, fill out the online form above with your contact information, the model of your appliance, and a short description of the issue that you need tumble dryer repairs for. You will shortly receive a response via phone or email.

Arrange Your Tumble Dryer Repair
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